10 things to ask when choosing
a concrete testing system

You want to choose the best concrete testing system for your construction job – and we want that too. The hardest part of choosing, is knowing what to ask. Here’s a list of critical questions to help you make the right choice for your next building project.

Use this as your evaluation tool

Real time implies you can access data at any time YOU want to – and it will be up to date, up to the minute. Some systems record data continuously but depend on staff visiting the site to collect it – so it’s only as real time as staff schedules permit.

Some systems rely on people to collect the data. Will you have people available when needed and can they be relied on? |
Don’t wait for informationor miss critical milestones and notifications. Choose a system which is truly real time with automated alerts.

Can the data be accessed from anywhere and from any device? Is the system designed so data and reports can be easily read from a phone, a tablet, a desktop? Can people in another city (or another country) see the same information simultaneously?  

Ask if the system provides automatic alerts when targets are achieved, or limits are reached. An automated system means less for you to worry about – and maximises benefits.

Good systems are designed to prevent problems. Does the system rely on people to collect data? Is there a risk of unqualified people making decisions? Can data be deleted or altered?

A system with several levels of authority ensures that only those who are qualified to make decisions can do so – giving you peace of mind and protection.

Many systems consider individual locations rather than the entire pour, with multiple locations. When monitoring multiple locations within a pour, you need to consider the overall performance and avoid making decisions based on an individual location.

Concrete Testing System

When using maturity, results should have the same legal standing as cylinder or other test results. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the system you choose can meet these requirements.

While software systems are designed to make it easier to use concrete maturity and manage mass concrete, a sound understanding of the benefits and how best to achieve them is required. In order to achieve the full potential benefits, ensure the solution and supplier you select are qualified, capable and committed to supporting you.


Different applications eg. buildings, precast etc. have different characteristics and requirements. Confirm the system you select has solutions which are best suited to your applications.


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