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Meeting the standards for in-place concrete strength and maturity is essential for structural integrity.  Concrete strength is a question of time, and in the construction industry time is everything. Anything which interrupts, delays or derails the schedule, impacting project timelines and budgets.  

In the world of concrete and construction, determining when required strength is attained at the earliest possible moment and with the least possible effort, is invaluable. 

Enter conXedge

Real time data - Remote Access:

Real Time Data

Real time data means you can complete construction sooner. And when we say real time, we mean really real time.  Access up to date info, 24/7.  Some systems require people to download data from a multitude of in-situ sensors, which means the data is only updated when personnel are available. 

Set and Forget Technology

Automatic alerts and notifications when targets are achieved, or limits are reached, means less for you to think about – and more time saved. Imagine if a concrete pour reaches the required maturity at 3 am in the morning – with an automatic alert, subcontractors can schedule work with confidence and be on site first thing ready to go. With alternative systems, which require onsite data downloads, the information won’t be obtained until personnel arrive on site and download data (7 am at the earliest), resulting in delays and lost time whilst sub-contractors are notified, complete other jobs and arrive.

set and forget technology
remote access

Remote Access

Remote Access: Manage your pours from any device remotely. Use your computer, your tablet, your smart phone – from your office, your vehicle or another country. No time lost being onsite, downloading data from dozens of devices.  Time that could be better spent getting on with the job.

Your Compliance Covered

Automatic compliance reports mean effortless proof and protection.  Prove you made the right decision at the right time, with complete traceability of all events and notifications, secure data storage and historical data.

your compliance covered - remote access
built in safeguards

Built in Safeguards

The system is designed to prevent problems. There are several levels of authority within the system, preventing unqualified workers making decisions. The system notifies nominated personnel of any issues that may affect data, for example if a battery requires charging. Inbuilt protections mean data cannot be changed or deleted

Confident Decision Making

Cylinder testing takes time and results do not accurately or consistently relate to the onsite situation.  Using real time, accurate information, you can confidently and safely accelerate project timelines.  

confident decision making
Ultimately these benefits deliver a big impact on the bottom line
- as our clients can testify.
By adopting the ConXedge system to track the concrete strength development of our prestressed products via maturity test, we have increased our production rates up to 50%.
Allan Juarez Project Engineer
Humes - a Division of Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd

Maximise profits and minimise risk – with conXedge

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