What is

concrete maturity?

Concrete maturity is a proven method of accurately calculating the in-place strength and quality of concrete, from fresh pour to hardened, based on its age and temperature history.

Why is it important?

Many concrete construction processes require accurate estimates of in-situ strength, which conventional test cylinders cannot provide. Builders and contractors need to ensure that they achieve the specified requirements, in the shortest time, at the lowest costs, safely and with minimal risk. Concrete maturity facilitates this.

Concrete maturity:
  • Provides accurate and reliable estimates of important in-situ concrete characteristics
  • eliminates reliance on unrepresentative early age test specimens
  • exploits the benefits of the in-situ concrete temperatures, saving time, reducing costly delays and improving quality, typically resulting in significant time and cost savings and increased profit
  • reduces risks, such as damage, failure and injury, associated with post tensioning, removal of falsework and formwork and loading of elements, by ensuring concrete has achieved the required performance
  • increases control and ease of compliance, giving accurate and complete information for specifiers and customers.

Concrete maturity and conXedge

conXedge uses smart sensors to collect in-place temperatures from pours and using concrete maturity:
  • manages the establishment of strength versus maturity relationships and targets,
  • collects in-place temperatures using smart sensors and communicates this information in real time,
  • enables remote access to information – no need to go to site to download and analyse data,
  • analyses all information in real time,
  • automatically determines when targets are achieved and notifies you immediately, enabling proactive, efficient and effortless management of early age concrete performance,
  • facilitates comprehensive and efficient management with powerful and intuitive tools – KPI dashboard, graphical analysis, etc,
  • generates reports for compliance,
  • maximises time and cost savings.

conXedge is a comprehensive solution

measure and manage concrete temperature and strength for both Concrete Maturity and Mass Concrete in real time.