One System
many uses

conXedge is beneficial for any application which depends on reliable in-situ data about concrete strength, temperature and/or temperature differentials.

Applications include:


In the business of precast concrete? Lift and deliver your elements earlier.

Mass concrete

Building mass concrete structures such as large building foundations, dams and bridges? Manage heat and temperature differentials and avoid issues with structural integrity, longevity and appearance.

Jump forms
or climbing forms

Used for lift shafts, silo’s and the cores of multi storey high-rises. Jump on time, every time.

Removing formwork
and falsework

Remove the guesswork from removing formwork. Strip as soon as it’s safe to do so – without allowing extra time ‘just in case’.


Take the stress out of prestressing. Remove products from moulds sooner, confident in strength.

Trafficking or
loading structures

Make sure your bridges, roads and slabs can handle the load – sooner and safer.

Wall and

Be certain sooner your walls and columns are strong enough to support further construction.

Concrete pavements – saw cutting and trafficking

Saw cut at the right time and open roads to traffic earlier.

Wind turbine bases

Wind turbine bases​: Towering turbines require strong foundations. Actively manage thermal characteristics and in-place strength, whilst accelerating construction.

Post tensioning

Eliminate the pain point of waiting for irrelevant cylinder results and finish projects faster.


Built by concrete technologists who understand what you need.

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