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ConXedge is a Leading Edge Mass Concrete Management Solution Combined with Advanced Data Collection and Communication Hardware


The American Concrete Institute (ACI) defines Mass Concrete as: “Any volume of concrete with dimensions large enough to require that measures be taken to cope with generation of heat from hydration of the cement and attendant volume change to minimize cracking.”

All concrete generates Heat through hydration, in Mass Concrete the heat generated builds up in the concrete element at Different rates depending on the location within the element and degree of insulation by surrounding concrete, higher temperatures drive the rate of hydration so it stands to reason that the rate at which heat is produced will be higher in areas that are hotter.

In a Mass Concrete High Temperature and / or Temperature Differentials can cause concrete to be damaged,and can impact Durability and Serviceability.

Not managing these important characteristics can impact Structural Integrity, Durability and Serviceability – resulting in significant Financial Implications.


  • If the internal temperatures of concrete exceeds approx. 70oC (158oF) (Critical temperature can vary for concrete with different characteristics), the long term durability of some concrete can be affected, this may not be evident for many years.
  • Unless measures e.g. cooling pipes are installed upfront, once concrete is poured there is really no practical means to control the rate of hydration and temperature generated.  It is, therefore important to ensure that necessary precautions are taken to model, design and produce concrete which has the appropriate characteristics.
  • It is then important to monitor the in-place temperatures to understand how the concrete actually performed and whether the maximum temperature achieved is a cause for concern, particularly bearing in mind that the effects may only be apparent many years later.

Mass Conc Temp Diff V ET lots of simulated temps


  • If the temperature differential and therefore expansion between different locations (typically between the middle and exposed outer layer) in the concrete exceeds certain limits, then the concrete can experience thermal cracking
  • The importance of pre-planning is not diminished
  • However if it is detected that temperature differentials are increasing and there is a risk that temperature differentials will exceed critical limits then actions e.g. insulating the exposed surfaces to minimise heat loss, can be implement to minimise risk.
  • It is therefore essential that relevant locations in the concrete elements are monitored to allow appropriate action to be taken, risk of thermal cracking to be minimised and to ensure that you have the required information available to substantiate your position.

Mass Concrete DashBoard

When we say real time we mean

'current information available from anywhere at anytime'


  • Enables default limits (Peak temperatures and Temperature Differentials) for each product.
  • Key master data e.g. customers, projects, users, etc. are setup and maintained in ConXedge, maximising efficiency, effectiveness, allowing pour data and information to be stored appropriately.
  • ConXedge considers pours particularly important when considering temperature differentials, consisting of one or many measuring locations, these are setup by:
    • Entering pour details (System creates a unique Pour ID), selecting the concrete product and mass concrete function, and allows a .pdf diagram to be attached.
    • The default limits for maximum temperature and temperature differentials associated with product are populated, if required these can be edited and/or additional targets added at this point.
    • Identifying Locations to be monitored, by selecting one or more loggers and determining functions e.g. which locations need to be monitored for peak temperature and between which location the temperature differentials need to be monitored.
    • Identifying who needs to be notified (e-mail) when targets are achieved and/or alerts are raised.
    • If required, Authorising access for Licensed Specialised Users e.g. post tensioning contractors, engineers, etc. to view pour performance.
  • Current pours are displayed on the Customers Control Panel (default screen at log in).
  • Set and Forget system Notifies users  in Real time when limits are breached (actions required) and/or alerts are triggered.
  • ConXedge allow the Management of performance from anywhere using a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone – No Need to Retrieve Data from Site, interpret and report information
  • Real Time Management at a glance with powerful KPI Dashboards displaying current and peak temperatures achieved and indications of temperatures and temperature differential trends e.g. increasing or reducing performance can also be analysed  -Graphically or reported
  • Complete Traceability and Auditability of all events and data
  • All pour data, records of notifications and alerts available to Authorised Customer Users and can be exported to MS Excel.
  • On completion of the monitoring System generated Compliance Reports can be produced
  • Full access to historical pour information and data.

    Accurate and Relevant Real Time information allows appropriate action to be taken to minimise risk, provides auditable verification of actual performance and if necessary allows responsibility to be apportioned appropriately.


...we just made it easy

No matter where you fit into the building cycle Mass Concrete Managed through ConXedge will add value for you



  • Real time information
  • Performance at a glance
  • Dashboard KPIs Graphs Reports
  • Converts data into Management tools
  • Intuitive set up of pours
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • Monitor and manage in real time
  • Set and Forget manage by exception
  • Set up and manage from anywhere


  • Accurate information
  • Accessible at anytime
  • Proactive management of elements
  • Make informed timely decisions
  • Management by exception
  • Complete Historical record
  • Data retention and integrity
  • Leading Edge Solution
  • System verification of Compliance


  • Optimal use of plant and equipment
  • Optimise construction schedules
  • Real time management
  • Notifications and reports
  • Proactively manage problems
  • Take action only if required
  • Reduce early age cylinder testing
  • No data retrieval from site
  • Cost effective solution


  • Data transmitted to Cloud platform
  • Real time in-place information
  • Live reports and analysis
  • Proactive notifications
  • Make correct and timely decisions
  • Manage from Anywhere
  • Access to multiple authorised users
  • Information securely stored
  • Instant access to historical data

When we say real time we mean

'current information available from anywhere at anytime'


  • Comprehensive range of Measurement and Communication Solutions
  • Real Time Monitoring in almost all practical applications
  • Easy deployment of Equipment and Consumables
  • Robust, Accurate and Highly Cost Effective
  • Quick setup and once the logger is activated there is an immediate streaming of data
  • Remotely link recording devices to elements and target requirements in web application
  • Extended 2 plus week Battery life on ConXagents
  • Allows pours to be Managed from your Computer, Tablet or Smart phone
  • No need to retrieve data from site.
  • Incorporates Set and Forget system generated notifying you when action is required.


  • Transmits Thermal Data to a secure Cloud Solution in Real Time.
  • Configures Pours, Notification and Warning parameters
  • Interprets Data using Concrete Maturity (Arrhenius or Nurse Saul) in real time.
  • Management at a Glance using powerful KPI dashboards, graphical analysis and reports.
  • Stores data Securely on Cloud Based Servers not on loggers.
  • Allows controlled multi user access.
  • Provides authorized and restricted access to system for Licensed Specialized Users.
  • Securely stores and makes Historical Data Accessible.
  • Includes system generated Compliance Reports