ConXedge is a Leading Edge Cloud based Thermal Management Solution incorporating Innovative Thermal Measurement and Communication Hardware which Enable Real Time Monitoring in almost all practical applications.

Collects In-place Thermal Data Accurately and Cost Effectively

Almost Anywhere in Real Time


  • Transmits Thermal Data to a secure Cloud Solution in Real Time.
  • Configures Pours, Notification and Warning parameters
  • Interprets Data using Concrete Maturity (Arrhenius or Nurse Saul) or Mass Concrete technology in real time.
  • Enables Management at a Glance using powerful KPIs Dashboard, Graphical analysis and Reports.
  • Allows pours can be Managed from your Computer, Tablet or Smart phone – no need to retrieve data from site.
  • Incorporates Set and Forget system generated notifying you when action is required.
  • Stores data Securely on Cloud Based Servers not on loggers.
  • Allows controlled multi-user access.
  • Provides authorised and restricted access to system for Licensed Specialised Users.
  • Securely stores and makes Historical Data Accessible.
  • Provides complete Traceability and Auditability of all events and notifications.
  • Allows data to be exported to MS Excel
  • Includes system generated Compliance Reports.
  • Incorporates Comprehensive Master Data Management

conxedge-concrete-maturity-temperature-wire-hmtech_068 DW
conxedge-concrete-maturity-conxagent-hmtech_0582 DW
conxedge-concrete-maturity-real-time-reports-access from DW
Designed to ensure you are able to achieve the extensive benefits associated with the management concrete maturity and mass concrete

The Key and Unique Features of the ConXedge Solution

  • conxedge-concrete-maturity-conxagent-hmtech_0582 DWComprehensive, Accurate, Reliable and Robust Data acquisition tools record
  • ConXedge Converts data into Management Information using powerful KPI Dashboards, graphical analysis and reports, providing Real Time Performance at a Glance without the need for data retrieval on site or for separate analysis, interpretation and reporting of results.
  • With Smart Set and Forget capabilities the system notifies nominated users in real time when targets have been achieved.
  • Systems provides a Holistic View of the performance of the Complete Element, this is achieved by management of pours consisting of One or Many monitoring locations.
  • Data Integrity is ensured, system identifies and notifies nominated personnel of issues potentially affecting data integrity – thermocouple disconnected, battery requires charging etc. Notifications and changes are logged in real time and stored in the Cloud with complete traceability of all events, data cannot be changed or deleted.

  • conxedge-mass-concrete-conxagent-hmtech_067 DWInputs to Key Formula’s Arrhenius and Nurse Saul are Defaulted but are also Configurable by groups of products allowing Maximum Accuracy.
  • Complete solution, Comprehensively addressing the full range of functionality required including Concrete Products, Strength versus Maturity Relationships, Performance Targets, Personnel, Equipment Calibration, Projects, Testing, Reporting and more……….


  • Retention and Access to Historical Information provides significant benefits and complete audit-ability and tractability of past pours.
  • Ability for Associated Services; ConXedge system licensed Engineers, Owners, Specifying Authorities, Post Tensioning Contractors, etc. have restricted and controlled real time access to live information, reports and graphical analysis.  This provides the required transparency and maximises efficiency as no additional reports and analysis need be sent and interested parties can take action as and if required. conxedge-concrete-maturity-temperature-wire-hmtech_068 DW

ConXedge enables the Comprehensive Management of Concrete Maturity and Mass Concrete with Minimal Effort and or need for Interpretation.
This allows informed timely decisions to be made and implemented while maximising the benefit gained in one cost effective solution.
conxedge-concrete-maturity-precast panels