Engineers, Architects and Government Agencies
Want to be confident and to verify that your specified requirements are being met safely, and the knowledge that effective solutions are in place to achieve specific objectives

How Concrete Maturity facilitates this

  • Expedites faster construction programs, reducing costs and enabling assets to be utilised sooner thereby maximising profits for their clients and differentiating themselves.
  • Confidence that specified requirements (post tensioning strengths, removal of false work and formwork, opening of pavements to traffic, etc.) are being achieved and complied with.
  • Reduces Risk – Concrete Maturity accurately reflects the in-situ strength thereby ensuring that tasks are carried out when the in-situ concrete has achieved the required performance and  minimising the risk of issues because tasks are carried out to soon:
    • Removal of false work and formwork
    • Post tensioning
    • Loading or trafficking of elements
    • Lifting of elements
    • Reduced cost due to defects

How ConXedge enables this

  • Provides real time access to information
  • Confidence that information is accurate and reliable
  • Auditable results and instant reports
  • Complete management and verification of Compliance
  • Secure Storage of historical information and access to data and information if required