Precast concrete companies want consistent and predictable results combined with optimal and Predictable concrete Performance to Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Costs, meet programs and customers’ expectations, and Maximise Profits.
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How Concrete Maturity facilitates this

  • Enables optimisation of Concrete products based on accurate early age performance and compliance with specified requirements in real time. Traditional Test specimens do not accurately reflect the performance characteristics of in-situ concrete.
  • Enables the monitoring of key parameters and management of processes based on these in place results.
  • Allows the potential reduction of production schedules to maximise production and utilisation of assets, based on real and accurate information.
  • May reduce reliance on costly testing and curing processes
  • Increase confidence, quality and reduces risks associated with important processes:
    • Post tensioning
    • Removal of formwork
    • Lifting of elements
  • Before concrete has achieved the required performance, this can result in damage, failure and/or risk of injury

How ConXedge enables this

  • Provides real time access to relevant information allowing for proactive management of early age concrete performance
  • Enables remote access to information – no need to go to elements to download and analyse data
  • Management using powerful, intuitive management tools – KPI dashboard, graphical analysis and reporting
  • User definable tolerances and limits
  • Management by exception – Set and Forget system generates and distributes notifications by email when limits are achieved or breached.
  • Master data allows efficient and effective management of important criteria – products, Maturity relationships, key maturity inputs to maximise accuracy, default targets/limits