The ability to carry out their responsibilities Safely and Optimally using Accurate confirmation of in place Compressive Strength at Critical Locations in the concrete elements.

How Concrete Maturity facilitates this

  • Provides accurate, reliable, and timely estimates of the in-situ strength by using the in-situ temperature history of the concrete element giving accurate indications when strength has been achieved and post tensioning can take place.
  • Maturity accurately predicts when targets are achieved in the structure, unlike test specimens which only indicates the strength of the test specimens.
  • Making use of the typically higher in-situ temperature history to achieve faster construction cycles.
  • Maturity accurately reflects when strengths have not been achieved, reducing the risk of costly and dangerous issues e.g anchor points failing during tensioning, resultant injures, etc.
  • Eliminates reliance on non-representative early age specimens

How ConXedge enables this

  • Providing real time access to relevant information across multiple projects – as authorised by the contractor
  • Allowing for proactive and timely management and scheduling of post tensioning.
  • Monitor using powerful, intuitive management tools – KPI dashboard and graphical analysis
  • Management by exception – set and forget system generates and distributes notifications by email when limits are achieved or breached.
  • Optimise programs, minimise delays and costs and maximise profits.
  • Enables remote access to information – no need to go to site to download and analyse data
  • To do this with minimal effort