ConXedge has a Comprehensive range of Measurement and Communication Solutions which allows Real Time Monitoring in almost all practical applications


System is Capable of Measuring One or Many Locations on a Single Pour

Ability to Link Multiple devices on a Single pour providing a comprehensive combined analysis
ConXagents are sophisticated 4 channel Data Loggers with in-built 3G and  wireless capabilities which enables the ConXagent to communicate in real time to the ConXedge Cloud Server.

ConXsensors can be paired to individual channels on the ConXagents to wirelessly link to remote on site measuring locations.  The temperature readings are displayed on the ConXagents and communicated back to the ConXedge Cloud server.

ConXsensors are single channel Data Logger with in-built wireless capability which enables it to communicate to a ConXagent (acting as a sensor for the ConXagent) or directly to the ConXedge server via a ConXgateway in real time.
ConXgateways communicate with the ConXagents or ConXsensors and transfers data in real time to the ConXedge Cloud Server via the Wide Area Network (WAN) or in remote locations via Satellite modem.
ConXexetend is used to boost the signal strength between the ConXgateway and ConXagents or ConXsensors if required.

It is also used to expand the number of ConXsensors which can be directly connected to a single ConXgateway.

The ConXedge Solution uses Type T Temperature wires to measure temperature

Real time communication of temperature data means there is no need to store information on the temperature sensors and allows the use of Type T Thermocouple sensors which are Robust, Accurate and Highly Cost Effective.

The advanced technology incorporated in the ConXagents and ConXsensors allows the required high level of accuracy to be achieved with significantly extended thermocouple cables.

The type T Thermocouple wires are protected in Flame retardant PVC Insulation and have an operating Temperature range of -26C (-15F) to +105C (+221F) continuous.

The achievable accuracy when used with ConXagents and ConXsensors is well with in the limits specified by ASTM, E230, IEC584 and ANSI MC96.1.