Concrete Suppliers ensure they have the Ability to use Value Adding Services to differentiate themselves, Optimise Mix Design, Product Performance and achieve a Competitive Advantage

How Concrete Maturity facilitates this

  • Enables the provision of concrete that meets the specified early age requirements at an optimal cost.
  • Allows the optimisation of concrete mix designs based on accurate early age performance results.
  • Reduced reliance on testing of non-representative early age test specimens.
  • Using concrete maturity significantly improves the accuracy of results.
  • Providing value adding services to your clients allow you to establish a competitive advantage and positive market differentiation.
  • Provide optimal products, using competent value adding equipment with accompanying maturity curves – can add significant value to your clients, strengthen the relationships and provide a competitive advantage.
  • Minimises risk with confidence. The ability to accurately predict the in-situ characteristics of concrete significantly reduces the potential risk of issues occurring.

How ConXedge enables this

  • Provides real time access to you and your customers to relevant information allowing for proactive management of early age concrete performance
  • Enables remote access to information – no need to go to site to download and analyse data
  • Management using powerful, intuitive management tools – KPI dashboard, graphical analysis and reporting
  • User definable tolerances and limits
  • Management by exception – set and forget system generates and distributes notifications by email when limits are achieved or