Builders and Contractors need to Ensure that they Achieve the Specified Requirements, in the Shortest Time, at the Lowest Costs, Safely and with Minimal risk.

How Concrete Maturity facilitates this

  • Provides accurate predictions of important in-situ concrete characteristics
  • Eliminates the reliance on unrepresentative early age test specimens.
  • Exploits the benefits of the in-situ concrete temperatures, saving time, reducing equipment and improving quality -resulting in cost savings and increased profit.
  • Provides confidence and reduces risks associated with important processes:
    • Post tensioning
    • Removal of falsework and formwork
    • Loading of elements
  • Before concrete has achieved the required performance, this can result in damage, failure and/or risk of injury
    • Increases control and allows verification of compliance – Accurate and complete information for specifiers and customers


How ConXedge enables this

  • Providing real time access to relevant information allowing for proactive management of early age concrete performance
  • Enables remote access to information – no need to go to site to download and analyse data
  • Management using powerful, intuitive management tools – KPI dashboard, graphical analysis and reporting
  • User definable tolerances and limits
  • Management by exception – set and forget system generates and distributes notifications by email when limits are achieved or breached.

conxedge--mass-concrete-bridge deck