The Leading Edge Solution for Concrete Maturity and Mass Concrete
Achieving a Competitive Edge with Proven Technology

ConXedge is a Practical, Highly Efficient, Effective and Economical System, designed to achieve the Extensive Benefits associated with the Comprehensive Management of Concrete Thermal Characteristics


  • Real time information
  • Performance at a glance
  • Dashboard KPIs  Graphs  Reports
  • Management Information not data
  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • Monitor and manage in real time
  • Set and Forget manage by exception


  • Accurate information
  • Secure access and storage
  • Proactive management of elements
  • Management by exception
  • Make informed timely decisions
  • Data retention and integrity
  • Proven leading edge technology
  • System verification of compliance


  • Optimise construction schedules
  • Take action when required
  • Maximise profits
  • No data retrieval from site
  • Notifications and reports
  • Proactive management
  • Reduce early age cylinder testing
  • Cost effective solution


  • Data uploaded to Cloud application
  • Live in-place analysis and reports
  • Live notifications by exception
  • Proactive informed decisions
  • Manage from anywhere
  • Access to multiple authorized users
  • Information securely stored
  • Instant access to live historical data

Concrete Thermal Characteristics

The thermal characteristics of concrete have a significant impact on numerous important characteristics of concrete, including strength development, setting times, heat development and maturity. Considerable benefits can be realised by understanding, monitoring and making use of these characteristics.

Being able to do to this Accurately, Comprehensively and in Real Time with minimal effort allows you to maximise the benefits on offer while minimising the risk.

ConXedge Enabling Technology

ConXedge is an Enabling Technology, taking Well Established and Accepted Thermal Management Practices to the next level by enabling Easy Access to Real Time in-place concrete Information via a Cloud based Management Solution.

The Comprehensive and Intuitive Cloud based technology turns real time data from the on site ConXagents into Valuable Easy To Use Management Information, incorporating Proactive Notifications of Performance against Targets and Limits enabling Informed Decisions to be made at the Right Time

Current Information

...Available from Anywhere at Anytime

ConXedge is a Leading Edge Cloud based Thermal Management Solution Combined with Comprehensive Data Collection and Communication Hardware

What ConXedge does

  • Collect in-place data Accurately and Cost Effectively
  • Transmits Thermal Data to a Secure Cloud Based Solution in Real Time
  • System interprets data using Concrete Maturity or Mass Concrete Technology
  • Configure Pours, Notification and Warning Parameters
  • Set and Forget system Notifies you when Action is Required
  • Manage pours from your Desktop – No Need to Retrieve Data from Site
  • Current in-place Concrete Information Available in Real Time
  • Management at a glance KPI  Dashboards, Graphs and Reports

conxedge-concrete-maturity-conxagent-hmtech_0582 DW

  • Data Securely stored on a Cloud Server and not on a Logger
  • Controlled Multi User Access
  • Authorised restricted access to System for Licensed Specialised users
  • Live historical data securely stored and accessible
  • Complete Traceability and Audibility of all Events and Notification
  • Export Data to MS Excel if further analysis is required
  • System generated Compliance Reports
  • Comprehensive master data managment

conxedge-concrete-maturity-real-time-reports-access from DW
the Complete Solution



Concrete Maturity is a Proven and Recognized Method to Accurately Predict the in-place strength and other characteristics of concrete based on its Maturity (Age and Temperature history).  Significant benefits can be achieved by making use of the in-place maturity of concrete.



The hydration process causes heat to build-up in concrete elements, the dimensions of the elements, the rate of hydration, locations within the elements and degree of insulation result in varying levels of heat build-up and dissipation. Understanding and managing the in-place temperatures and Temperature Differentials are important factors in minimizing the risk of thermal cracking.


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